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We lead the industry in concrete design for a wide range of commercial, residential and public sector projects.

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Nimble Systems offers mold design consultation and development of proprietary designs for UHPC production. We can also help create new product designs, tailor making pieces for various markets, facilitating the production of limited and perpetual casting runs.


Nimble Systems designs and manufacturers its own line of high end modern furniture and lighting. Stay tuned for further updates. We have some very sleek pieces that we are putting the finishing touches to.


Using a variety of cutting edge techniques, we are able to provide precision historic restoration services. We can design and produce load bearing masonry units with integral colours, accurate patinas and embedded anchoring systems.

Christopher Shannon

Concrete Artisan

Meet Chris

Chris Shannon is the artisan responsible for the stunning creations at Nimble systems. All of Nimble’s creations are cast using a substance called Ductal Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) made by Lafarge.

Chris has been working with Ductal over the last 19 years and has become quite familiar with its unique properties. Christopher’s innovations are taking this material to previously unimagined areas. For example, Nimble Systems was pleased to work with Delta Faucet’s Lead Industrial Designer TJ Eads and R&D Engineer Scot Rosko to create the world’s first fully compliant and functional concrete faucet, the Brizo Vettis Faucet.

Thanks to following his passions, Chris is creating unique works of art using an interesting medium and genuinely enjoying his time doing it.

On the Brizo

"The Vettis™ Collection was born from a deep respect for nature and its strength. Now cast in concrete, the natural elements of water, stone and charcoal combine to fully realize this vision."
TJ Eads
Industrial Designer

Current and Past Projects

What we’ve got on the go right now.

a force of nature

a work of art

combining water, stone and charcoal to create a bespoke work of art, Chris Shannon expertly casts each  Brizo Vettis faucet with passion and attention to the minutiae.

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